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Question  How can I get rid of the Unsupported Browser error message "Your Web browser will have problems displaying this web page ..." in SharePoint 2010?


When you try to access a SharePoint 2010 site using IE 6 (Internet Explorer 6) or any browser that is not supported by SharePoint 2010 you might get the following error message:

“Your Web browser will have problems displaying this web page. Changes to the site may not function properly. For a better experience, please update your browser to its latest version.”

You obviously need to use a supported browser because SharePoint will not function properly unless you are using a supported browser. Until you upgrade your browsers here is how you can remove that message.

Steps to remove the “unsupported browser” error message

1-      Open the masterpage used in you Site collection

2-      Locate and remove the following line of code:

<SharePoint:WarnOnUnsupportedBrowsers runat="server"/>


Don’t forget to put that control back once you have upgraded your browsers.

More Information

-         SharePoint 2010 Supported Browsers

-         WarnOnUnsupportedBrowsers Class\Control


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